Simple Pricing

Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.


Loved by small teams and agencies

  • 20 daily monitors
  • 100 on-demand runs
  • 5 team members
  • Basic support


Ideal for teams with many pages

  • 50 daily monitors
  • 5 hourly monitors
  • 200 on-demand runs
  • 15 team members
  • API Access
  • Priority support


Perfect for individual requirements

  • Unlimited daily monitors
  • Unlimited hourly monitors
  • Unlimited on-demand runs
  • Unlimited team members
  • Increased accuracy
  • API Access
  • 24/7 support

Frequently Asked Questions

Which locations are available?
Lighthouse can be run from over 16 regions around the world. All common regions are available.
How are tests performed?
All tests are performed by your selected schedule. This could be daily or hourly depending on your plan.
Why are my scores different to another service?
Each service has different Hardware or Network conditions. There are many factors that affect performance metrics.
How much variance do scores have?
To reduce variance, we run each test multiple times to get more accurate performance metrics.
What are on-demand runs?
These are manual Lighthouse checks that can be run globally. Each region you select will count as a run.
How is Tax and VAT handled?
Through the use of our payment provider Paddle, your tax and VAT will be handled automatically based on your region.
I have custom needs
Feel free to write an email to